Saturday, March 5, 2011

View from the kitchen window

One of my favorite features of my house is the kitchen window.  While our last home in Seattle had a nice large window above the sink, our view was of our neighbor's house.  Their house was lovely enough, but I prefer to see a little nature outside my window.  Now, our kitchen window looks out into our woods, not a neighbor in sight!  On certain days, I can watch squirrels run around in the trees as I wash up the supper dishes.  Once, Hubby saw a deer outside this window, grazing in our yard.  The craziest thing I have seen through this window, though, has been a turkey!  I am not certain where the turkey came from.  Various neighbors raise chickens, goats, cows, and horses, but I don't know about turkeys.

Here is the view from my window:

As you can see, the trees are still bare, but they are working on it.  

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