Thursday, March 3, 2011

Alarm Clocks

 So, I have a beautiful, lovely Moonbeam alarm clock, a clock that I have wanted for such a long time.  It wakes you up by flashing a light that intensifies the longer it blinks.  After a few minutes of flashing, a really annoying alarm goes off, which eventually trains you to wake up to the flashing light.  It is a much calmer way to wake up once you are "trained" to wake up to the light.  No noisy mornings, no jolts from good dreams (like the one other night when I dreamed Hubby and I went on vacation somewhere in Florida and one of the features of the hotel was a chimpanzee that you were allowed to "babysit," if the chimp's schedule allowed for it--does anyone else in the world dream of hotel chimps?)...just a warm light.

I have loved my alarm clock.

Until this morning.

The hubby had to be at the office by 5:50 to drive two hours south for a meeting.  So, the plan was for him to wake at 5:00 and leave the house by 5:15.  Yes, 15 minutes of preparation.  He laid out his clothes last night, made sure the Egg-mobile's battery was charged (our not often used Toyota Echo bought while we lived in Seattle that we never drive now since we commute to work together most days to save on gas), and went to bed early.

I woke up at 5:20 on my own.  I stared at the clock, tried to figure out if I was actually seeing it right.  (it takes me a little while to actually become cognizant  in the mornings). The alarm never went off.  So Hubby got dressed at lightning speed and made it to the office by 5:55 to meet his fellow sleepy co-workers, likely breaking the speed limit the whole way.

I re-set the alarm to go off at 6:00 for me.  It went off at 5:30!  I decided it would probably be best to just go ahead and get up, let the pooches out, and just hang around the house until it was time to go.

We are switching out the alarm tonight.

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