Sunday, March 6, 2011

More on SXSW!

Okay, it should be clear that I really, really wish I were going to South by Southwest!  Why didn't I ask for vacation a month ago?  Last year when I missed it, I told myself that I would make it the next year.  Well, not if you don't ask for the time off! AAGGHH!

Oh well.  I will have to live vicariously through NPR's All Songs Considered again this year, which, if you can't go, is not so bad a thing.  I have already been listening  to the Austin 100, getting acquainted with some really great music that I have never heard (I live in the middle of nowhere and don't have satellite radio, so I have to depend on All Songs Considered to keep me up to date).  One of my new favs I heard first from this SXSW list is Damien Jurado.  Hubby and I instantly fell in love with his melancholic voice and lyrics.  Only later did we find out that he is from our home away from home, Seattle.  No wonder we love him!

Here is a video from the Tiny Desk Concert series:

And here is Sarah Jaffe singing a live version of my favorite song:

Dirty Laundry Presents: Sarah Jaffe performs "Clementine" from Dirty Laundry on Vimeo.

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  1. I love your taste in Music chickie!! Nice one! I'll have to share you some tunes from down under! And.. no I'm not turning 30... I turned 3o last year, but I LOVE Maggie and all of Northern Exposure, I'm currently making my way through the box set. So Funny, pb&J, My guy is american so He takes one to work everyday. I'm a vegemite girl (salty and gross). XOXOX