Sunday, March 20, 2011

Punky gets a cut

You may remember the photo of my belovingly goofy dog Punky from a few weeks ago.  She needed her hair cut something awful.  While she looks like she weighs roughly 80 pounds, she really comes in at about a tiny 10 pounds.  She is a total fuzz bomb.  Anyway, being the ultimate cheapskate (er...thrifty) person that I am, I groom my dogs on my own (which probably explains why poor Punky looks like a miniature Chewbacca some of the time).  I have only paid for dog grooming one time in the years that we have had dogs.  I just have a hard time shelling out money to cut my dog's hair when my dogs could really care less if their fur looks finely manicured by golden clippers or chewed up here and there by Petco clippers.

So, today I finally got around to cutting Punky's hair.  I set up our little grooming area outside on a set of saw horses and did my "magic."  She hated every moment of it.  The amount of fur blowing through the woods now should provide warmth to many little birdies in nests throughout the county.  Wow! 

So here is the before of Punky:

And here she is now hanging out in the reading chair.  Well, actually, Punky has totally taken over this chair and tends to hide from other dog Scout up there since Scout (aka Butterball) can't jump up there.

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