Sunday, July 17, 2011

Roller derby and live music

The hubby and I broke away from our little house in the woods and traveled to Dallas for a weekend in the city. Our evening started with a little roller derby action---there are some tough girls out there!  If you have ever have a chance to watch a roller derby live...go for it!

We were able to watch the first two matches before we had to head over to Club Dada in Deep Ellum  to see Seryn.  The hubby discovered this amazing group - he gets at least 317 extra brownie points for this magnificent discovery!  Dada's is really small...really, really small...and they managed to pack in 300 people for this group!   Needless to say, it was quite warm and clammy by the time Seryn hit the stage at midnight.  And might I say how proud I am of myself for staying awake this late!  Oh boy...this group was SOOO worth it!  They are just full of energy and amazing sound!  You have got to go check them out!

And after all of that, we walked across the street for breakfast at Cafe Brazil at 1:30 in the morning!  Oh...yummy, yummy French toast! Cafe Brazil is literally the only place we eat when we are in Dallas.  We like all kinds of food, but it is so hard to NOT eat at Cafe Brazil whenever we are in the area.

What a lovely weekend!

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