Saturday, July 9, 2011

New...Camera Cards and Journals

I am with the school of thought that old school film cameras should never be entirely replaced by digital cameras.  But, when was the last time you scouted for some film?  I remember the days of an entire aisle being devoted just to film, being confused as to which speed I would need and wondering if the lighting would would be sufficient to have my photos turn out well.  And do you remember having to buy those flash cubes for your camera?  Remember waiting a week to get your pictures back, hoping that they all turned out okay?  I am showing my age here. Those were the days of no do-overs.  You had one chance to get the picture right, and all of your hits and misses were forever recorded on film.  In the present digital age, we just snap a photo, view it on the camera, and make any adjustments we need (no blinking this time! turn the flash off! adjust for the shade!) and try, try again until we get it right.  Don't get me wrong, I love my digital camera and would never part ways with it.  But there is just something about film cameras that, even though they can be a pain to work with,  I will always love.

I crafted my newest stamp based on a camera from the film age.  The stamped cards and journals would be perfect for just about anyone I think.  My hubby spends a lot of time outside for his job in search of wetlands and he remarked how he would love to use one of the journals to keep track of the many photos he takes.  Of course, he will have to pay for one I told him.  ;)

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