Friday, February 4, 2011

Welcome to the New Blog

So, I have been meaning to get this blog started for some time now, at least since I signed up to start selling my resin pendants on Etsy.  That was in October.  Well, here I am now, ready to start sharing all of the shop's exciting news.

Etsy is full of very talented artists offering a variety of very unique products.  I have been very happy with the positive feedback my shop has received so far from fellow sellers and buyers alike.  It has truly been a very positive experience.  It has also broadened my crafting horizons.  When I started the shop in October, the idea was to only offer resin pendants using my own designs.  I was not certain how well the shop would be received and so I naturally kept my expectations low - after all, I am a self-taught artist and the folks on Etsy are just so darn good!   I am happy to say that my expectations have been exceeded and I now want to go at it with all I've got!

With that, I have moved into other areas while keeping up with creating resin pendants.  I am now offering hand stamped cards using stamps that I have hand carved.  So far, the cards have had a remarkably good reception, having been featured in treasuries already and added as favorites for several folks on Etsy.  I have a few more ideas up my sleeve and I hope that more than a few of them work out.

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