Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Day

The great winter storm affecting the western half of the country dropped a few inches of snow in our area yesterday.  Our little country road was too difficult for our car to manage, so we stayed home and enjoyed the beautiful landscape.  The garbage service did not even run, the postal service worked a limited route, and area schools were closed. Even tow trucks were having a rough time! We could literally count the number of cars that drove down our road.  I only remember it snowing two or three times the whole time I grew up here.  It has snowed every winter we have been back from Seattle and we have now been back over 2 and a half years now.  What I would have given for snow days as a kid!

The dogs enjoyed the snow, especially little Punky who looks likes to hop around and dig her nose in the snow.  We are up to three dogs this weekend - our two (Punky and Scout) and a friend's dog (Marley).  Marley is a labradoodle and is twice as tall as our largest dog Scout, and our dogs don't know what to do with such a giant of a dog.

I used part of the day to work on some new necklace designs that incorporate the same designs from my new hand carved stamps.  So far, I have added the loblolly pine and the hello fox to the necklace designs - I think they look great so far!  They are still a work in progress.

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