Sunday, April 1, 2012

Step Outside it is April 1 today and I can already tell that this summer is going to be H O T in my part of Texas.  A scorcher.  It is 84°F right now, and this is just the beginning of Spring. EEK.  Already time to break out the sunscreen and shorts!

While I did some work inside the house...okay...while I watched the pilot episode of Twin Peaks (I had never seen it and was curious about the cult following it has...I am still not sold on it yet), my husband worked outside in the yard, making it pretty.  To be fair, I did make blueberry pancakes and eggs this morning so I was not COMPLETELY lazy.  After he mowed the yard, I ventured outside and snapped some photos of the flowers and woods around our house.


Sweet little roses in a flower garden by our house.

View from the edge of the woods.

Tree canopy on the edge of our woods.

This pine tree looks to be a victim of last year's drought.

A grove of mayapples.

This anole thought he could not be seen...
but I could see him! :)


  1. Love your photos in this post. Your house is like a sweet cottage in the woods; very serene :-)

  2. Your forest is beautiful! I love that type of landscape! ( :

    Thank you so much for your awesome comment! It means so much to me what you said and your compliments and words all mean the world to me! Thank you so much!