Sunday, May 12, 2013


I am super excited to now be offering prints in the shop now!  I have really enjoyed getting some new work in the shop and I would love to share a little of the excitement with you guys. about a GIVEAWAY!!

The Lookout Fox, which is an original pen illustration that has been digitally colored, is my newest print to add to the shop. I have to admit it: I adore this print (an I hope you do, too)!  As some of you may know already, I really love foxes and am always so excited when I catch a glimpse of one scampering into the woods.  The last sighting I had of a fox was of an adult fox running across the road from our woods to the woods across the road.  The fox took a brief second to look back at me before disappearing into the brush.  It was a "wow moment" for me, to say the least.

The original illustration and the print
To honor my love of foxes and the introduction of prints to my shop, I decided to offer up a free Lookout Fox 5x7 print to you guys!  The giveaway begins at midnight on 5/13/2013 and ends on 5/20/2013 at midnight.  The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on 5/21/2013. 

All you need to do is sign up through Rafflecopter below and follow the instructions.  There are multiple ways to increase your chances of winning, from liking Subtle Acts on Facebook, to following Subtle Acts on Instagram, to adding the Subtle Acts Etsy shop to your favorites. 

So, are you ready to win?  :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The fine print:
The contest is for one 5x7 print of the Lookout Fox (  A winner will be chosen randomly and contacted immediately after the contest is over.  If the winner does not claim their prize within 48 hours of notification, another name will be randomly chosen.  Free shipping (domestic and international) is included in the giveaway; however, winners outside of the US will be responsible for any customs fees.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Meet Juniper

A couple of weeks ago, a stray cat showed up on our doorstep, skinny, meowing, and in need of a little love.  We fed her, gave her a comfy little place to sleep, and once we knew she was here to stay, gave her a name.  Juniper.  She's a sweet little cat, always ready for a little love, and such a perfect little model for photos and illustrations.  I mean, look at this face!

I couldn't just let a face like that go unillustrated, right? So I sketched out a drawing, digitized it and added some color, and now she's prowling around the shop now! I think she's pretty darn cute!
The sketch and the print

All framed up!

Little whiskers and big green eyes


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