Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Look WHO is new in the shop!

Before I get to the new stuff in the shop, I have to tell you - it snowed on Christmas day here!  I don't think that this has ever happened!  While we were without power for most of the day (which means no water for us since we are hooked up to a well), it was such a beautiful day!


So...back to the WHO is new in the shop.  Let's look at the photos!

 It all starts with a sketch.

Design transferred.

Carving begins.

All carved out.

Ready for the ink!

And he's ready!

From sketch to carving to stamp!

 And there he is in the shop - the Great Horned Owl Notebook!


In addition to this fine little guy, I also carved one of the most interesting North American mammals I have ever seen - the pronghorn.  We lived outside of Amarillo during college and we saw pronghorn quite often.  Most of the time, the herds were off in the distance, grazing among the tall high plains grasses.  But on more than one occasion, we witnessed the amazing sight of watching the herd sprint across the plains.  Wow!  What a sight!  

The sketch. 
I have to add that, as a biology major, I took mammology. One of the things that drove my professor nuts was to call the pronghorn an antelope.  Many people (and nature shows) refer to the pronghorn as the "pronghorn antelope".  While it is related to antelope, pronghorn are a separate species.  
See Dr. Sullivan - I was listening!  :)

Look at this gorgeous guy! Who couldn't love him?

I must admit - I love this carving!


And here's one more for you, one that I am really excited about - the fox!  Take a look at this handsome fellow!

The sketch.  Look at that distinguished face!

The carving!  What a beauty!

From sketch, to carving to stamp to a color test!

And in the shop - both plain and in color!