Thursday, October 6, 2011

When cute kids come to visit

I have to say that I know one of the cutest little girls in the world...and she just happens to be my niece Zoey.  Take a look at this awesome kid...

A little Zoey cat....

She does all of her own poses.  I am not sure what this one was, but it made me smile because she was so serious about it. :)

 She really loves Scout.  However, I do think that she is a little disappointed that Scout can't read a book or play catch.  She gave Scout a book and asked her to read it.  Scout can barely walk and bark at the same time, so reading is a little over her head. 

 And here she is showing off her muscles...while wearing goggles.  Isn't she awesome?

And these little guys are her little brothers, Isaiah and Eli.  These two beautiful little boys joined our family in June. 
Go ahead...say it...ahhh...they're so cute!